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Tradition, experience and hospitality

My grandparents Colombo and Maria, Erica & Ennio parents   and pending their third daughter Daniela, in 1958 decided to build a house with some rooms to rent in Alba .
In order to fulfill their dream they  worked, and as we see from the picture even the pregnant Maria grandmother worked hard in the yard.
In the fall of '58 their house was ready: it was called LA MARIA TERESA.

In 1961 the villa was enlarged.
A new  piece was built  for the  dining room and some rooms were added.
The villa was renamed: VILLA ADRIA.

In 1974 a further expansion became a bar, a new dining room, as well as other bedrooms.

In 1983, Colombo and Maria retire and take their place the daughter Erica.
The most challenging project was carried out in 2003. It has added a structure of seven floors, where now are also the new apartments.

Now Erica with family manages the HOTEL VILLA ADRIA with the same courtesy and hospitality inherited from the parents.

It is with great emotion that I sincerely thank my grandparents for all they have done for us, and my parents for what they are doing today.


"A museum for life!"
Colombo Dantone

A Penia Canazei, an incredible collection of objects, tools and anything else speak to us of the past of this land and the events linked to her children. 1 km from the hotel you can visit for free as provided vintage war museum and the Valley, in Penia Canazei, next to Garni "Col da Vila".  The museum  Dantoen is open in summer from Monday to Friday from 17.00 to 19.00 hours. Info tel. 0462 602 063
"If you do not know where you're going, remember at least from where you came ..." Daniele Loro VR
Colombo Dantone, born in 1926, soul and engine of the  museum left us on 22 September 2002, after a busy summer for him. A summer that , with the many visitors who came in Penia and see the precious collection of objects collected with great passion during his adventurous life, had finally bestowed the right reputation. But thanks to the will of his wife Maria and family, the museum will stay open.
To Colombo Dantone we must sincerely say thank you for his life, for what its objects tell us, for what this collection reveals to each of us.

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